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Wahl Clippers

Wahl Clippers are the most popular hair clippers in the world. Our range of Wahl Hair Clippers includes a wide variety of both professional and home use models. If you want the best available, then you should invest in a set of Wahl Clippers.

Wahl Clippers

Wahl Clippers are the most popular hair clippers in the world. Our range of Wahl Hair Clippers includes a wide variety of both professional and home use models. If you want the best available, then you should invest in a set of Wahl Clippers.


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  1. Wahl Groomsman Cordless Hair Trimmer

    £29.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Groomsman trimmer kit gives you the freedom of cordless trimming when fully charged and corded use when charge is low.

    Supplied with attachment combs, the Wahl Groomsman provides a variety of cutting lengths so that you can get the look that you desire when trimming facial hair, necklines and sideburns. The Groosman Mains/Rechargable trimmer features precision ground steel blades for a close cut every time.

    Every Wahl Groomsman Trimmer is supplied with 3 guide combs, moustache comb, storage/charging base, oil, cleaning brush and 6 position guide comb.


    - Mains/rechargeable neck and beard trimmer.
    - Ergonomic shape and soft touch for ease of use.
    - 60 minute run time on a full charge.
    - High-carbon steel blades precision ground to stay sharp longer.

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  2. Wahl Detailer Corded Hair Trimmers

    £69.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Detailer Trimmer is Wahl's most popular mains operated trimmer. With a rotary mains motor, the Wahl Detailer is designed to complete all trimming and edging jobs quickly and precisely.

    It has been specially designed and engineered by Wahl Professional for edgle lining and detailing work and the T-shaped blade can be adjusted to allow extremely close, zero-overlap cutting. A zero-overlap tool is included as standard for easy blade adjustment. The Wahl Detailer is unique as it is very powerful but also lightweight and measures less than 13 centimetres in length.

    Every Detailer is supplied with 3 guide combs (number 1 - 3), a cleaning brush and oil.


    - Corded and powerful professional trimmer.
    - Designed especially for edging and detailing.
    - T shaped blade offers zero-overlap.
    - Powerful and light at only 190 grams.

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  3. Wahl Academy Stinger Hair Clippers

    £99.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Stinger is one of the most powerful corded clippers available from the Wahl Professional range. With an iconic, scultped shape and rubberised finish for ease of use, this powerful hair clipper is guaranteed to make short work of all hair types.

    The Stinger's incredibly powerful, heavy duty motor has a variable speed from 3000 - 5000 spm, yet the clipper only weighs in at a lightweight 406 grams. It also features a long, 5 metre cable for ultimate versatility and has high precision, chrome plated blades which are designed by Wahl to stay sharper for longer.

    The Wahl Stinger has detachable blades for easy cleaning and a locking mechanism for extra security. Every Stinger is supplied with four Wahl Steel attachment combs (Grades 1 - 4), a small flat top comb and Wahl Clipper oil.


    - Mains operated professional clippers.
    - Powerful motor and rubberised body.
    - Light weigh at only 406 grams.
    - Chrome plated blades, stay sharp longer.

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  4. Wahl Academy Lithium Ion Motion Cordless Clippers

    £189.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Academy Lithium Ion Motion is without a doubt, the most stylish and chic hair clipper we have ever seen! This superb cordless clipper from the Wahl Academy range features a state of the art lithium battery which provides a massive 90 minutes of run time on a quick 45 minute charge.

    Another unique feature of the Wahl Lithium Motion is the detachable scissor handle which will literally revolutionise the way you cut hair. This removeable attachment simply clips on the back of the Motion and relaxes your grip meaning you can angle the clipper in different ways for ultra-versatile styling!

    The stylish LED lights on the front of the clipper feature a traffic light function which shows you exactly how much battery is left and the Wahl Lithium Motion features a precision ground, quick release blade set for easy interchange and cleaning with a variable taper to change the length of the cut.

    - Cordless professional clippers.
    - Lithium Ion battery for extended operating time.
    - 90 minutes run time from a 45 minute super quick charge.
    - Taper lever for different length cutting.
    - Stylish design with intergrated LED light indicator.

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  5. Wahl Cordless Super Taper Professional Hair Clippers

    £84.95  INC.VAT

    Now is the time to fall in love with the classic all over again! The new Wahl Cordless Super Taper has kept everything that you loved about the original, but added some amazing new features. Featuring a lithium ion battery, the Cordless Super Taper has an outstanding 90 minute run time with only a 180 minute charge time, allowing you complete freedom when cutting.

    The new mains/rechargeable function means that you can style without any restrictions, but then use it whilst it's plugged in if the power is running low. You'll find everything that made the original version so popular is still there, but now in a stylish cordless design.

    For added convenience, the Cordless Super Taper is compatible with the existing comb attachments, meaning your hair clipper collection will work in unison. As Wahl themselves say, The UK's best selling clipper just went cordless!

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  6. Wahl 8900 Cordless Hair Trimmers

    £34.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl 8900 Trimmer is a superb cordless rechargeable professional trimmer and is one of Wahl's most popular, thanks to it's price and power. The trimmer features a powerful motor that provides up to 60 minutes of constant cutting time when fully charged.

    The Wahl 8900 trimmer has a compact and ergonomic design which gives superb comfort and control and has a stainless steel blade which cuts down to 0.4mm in length.

    Every 8900 Trimmer is supplied with a trademark Wahl blade guard, clipper oil, cleaning brush, a wooden handle neck duster and a FREE Wahl styling product.


    - Cordless professional neckline and beard trimmer.
    - Small, lightweight and ergonomic design.
    - Latest battery offers up to 60 minutes of usage.

    - Complete with a neck brush and styling product.

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  7. Wahl Pencil Hair Designer and Liner

    £24.95  INC.VAT

    Perfect for creating the latest patterns and designs in the hair, the Wahl Pencil Liner is a work of art! A lightweight, battery operated trimmer that can create tramlines and is ideal for all intricate designs. Battery operated (lithium batteries included), it features a rust resistant and chrome plated mini-precision blade.

    Ergonomically designed to fit snugly into any hand, the Pencil trimmer is cordless for complete freedom and will make creating the latest styles quick and easy.

    Included: 1 x small barber comb, 1 x cleaning brush, 1 x clipper oil, 2 x batteries, 1 x instruction booklet.


    - Cordless professional line designer.
    - Small, lightweight and ergonomic design.
    - supplied with two AA batteries.

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  8. Wahl Beretto Professional Cordless Hair Clippers

    £119.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Beretto has a super slim, super quiet and incredibly stylish design which provides the ultimate balance and control. The stylish brushed chrome and black finish means the clipper looks as good in the hand as it feels in use.

    Featuring a taper lever for ease of use, The Wahl Beretto has the latest Lithium Ion battery which offers 90 minutes of cordless cutting when fully charged. The high precision, quick release chrome plated blade blade set give the user a variable cutting length ranging from 0.8mm - 2.5mm.

    The incredible Wahl Beretto is supplied with six Wahl attachment combs (Grades 1 - 4, 6 & 8), Clipper Stand, Wahl clipper oil and a Wahl cleaning brush.


    - Cordless professional clippers.
    - Lithium Ion battery offers 90 minutes of usage.
    - Quick 10 minute charge option.
    - Taper lever for different length cutting.
    - Chrome plated blades precision ground to stay sharp longer.

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  9. Wahl Hero T-Blade Trimmer

    £54.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl Hero T-Blade trimmer is the latest addition to the Wahl Academy collection and is perfect for lining, artwork and designing. This powerful styling tool has a stylish chrome finish which will look fresh in any barbershop or salon. The trimmer features T shaped, zero overlap blades which are perfect for incredibly close trimming and ideal for creating super tight fades.

    The Hero trimmer's high precision chrome plated blades are designed to stay sharper for longer and it is supplied with a blade adjustment tool which will help you to precisely adjust your blades for zero overlap. With a powerful rotary motor and a lightweight, contoured body for in-hand comfort, the Hero is guaranteed to get the job done to the highest standards.

    Kit Includes:

    Corded Trimmer
    3 Attachment Combs (1 - 3)
    Clipper Oil
    Cleaning Brush
    Blade Adjustment Tool

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  10. Wahl T-Cut Trimmer

    £79.95  INC.VAT

    The Wahl T-Cut Trimmer is part of the Cordless Artist Series, specifically designed to let you unleash your creativity. Featuring a 40-mm wide T-blade (cutting length 0.4 mm) that snaps on and off quickly, making it perfect for contouring, beard and neck work.

    The Cordless T-Cut trimmer features a professional rotary motor which has an rpm of 6400 for quick and clean cutting ideal for all hair types.The advanced battery provides 60 minutes continuous operation from a quick 2 hour charge.

    Weighing a tiny 135 grams, the T-Cut is lightweight, making it easy and comfortable to use. It's quiet too, but its high speed motor is powerful enough to cope with all hair types.

    Included in the box is a charging station, plug and lead, cleaning brush and clipper oil.

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