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Barber Connect Kept People Ahead Of The Game

Tuesday, 28 May 2013 13:15:18 Europe/London

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest for many barbers after a long and industrious week but on Sunday the 12th of May, barbers from all over the United Kingdom were looking forward to a busy day. There hadn’t been a late rush on for haircuts and it wasn’t as though Girls Aloud or The Saturdays had said they were looking for dates with guys with great looking hair, it was down all to Barber Connect.

Barber Connect was the first every UK barber expo and it took place on the 12th of May in St David’s Hotel in Cardiff.
The main aim of the expo was to bring barbers together and ensure that barber work is seen as an industry in its own right. Beauty and grooming is a massive industry and important in people’s lives but it can be easy for some of the female elements to take centre stage. There is a huge interest in looking good and being styled to your best but when certain groups in the industry are being overlooked instead of others, there is nothing wrong with individual sectors of the group looking to make themselves heard and known about.

The Barber industry is crucial in the UK

The barber industry has been around for a very long time in the United Kingdom and for many people, it forms part of their weekly or monthly routine. This is why recognising the importance of the industry and helping to keep everyone involved in the industry up to date with what was going on and what was available was at the heart of the expo provided.

With respect to keeping up to date, barbers may struggle to stay on top of the latest hair products and services. Being a barber can be a busy and time-consuming work but it is an industry where staying close to the latest trends and fashions can make a massive difference in providing a high level of customer service. If customers are coming to your shop and are asking for hair care products, hair cut styles or they wish to look like a certain celebrity and you don’t know what they are talking about, you may find yourself losing business! This is why an expo like this is an important chance to ensure that everyone remains up to date with what is taking place in the industry.

Experts gave their opinion and advice

There were over 20 exhibitors, specially hand-picked by the organisers, who were on hand to show off the latest products and cutting edge hair clippers. While many of the traditional skills involved with being a barber are still very much in place, the products utilised during a haircut or styling session have changed a lot over the years. Better results can be obtained in a much shorter time period for barbers and these exhibitors were keen to show off how barbers could provide their customers with the products and services they require.

Some of the top exhibitors were also involved with seminars, giving greater insight into the current trends and products in the barber industry. Being able to see products in action or to hear the thinking and logic behind products or certain ways of working can always be of benefit. No matter what industry it is, getting the chance to hear from the top experts in the field is going to be of benefit to most people and the seminar events at Barber Connect were very well attended and very well thought of.

One thing about being a barber is that it can be difficult to converse with other barbers. If you have barbers in your local area, you may feel as though you are in competition with them and you don’t want to associate or socialise with them. The Barber Connect event provided a fresh opportunity to mingle and network with barbers who weren’t in direct competition with you. This provided the chance to share practices, ideas, common practices and just have a general talk about the industry. It can be good to know that there are other professionals going through the same trials and tribulations as yourself and the networking element of Barber Connect was a huge success.

After the expo and the seminars, the British Barber Association Award Ceremony took place. This enabled the event organisers to bring the event out of London while still providing the event to a large audience. The Student Awards and the Masters Awards were handed out before the evening made way to the Barber Connect party where guests could mingle, network and let their hair down at the end of a great event!

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Super Smart Side Sweep

Wednesday, 15 May 2013 12:45:46 Europe/London

An adaptation of the classic mens hairstyle, the sidesweep. Recreate this style using a good pair of professional hair clippers, taper the sides high and sweep the hair on the top of the head, texturising with scissors. As an added extra, you can shave the parting in the with hair trimmers.

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Hair Clipper Terms Explained

Tuesday, 7 May 2013 16:08:44 Europe/London

Taper lever - Taper levers are situated on the side of hair clippers, conveniently placed to move with your thumb. The taper lever effectively allows you to change the length of cut without using graders, by sliding one of the hair clippers blades along the other. When the taper lever is at the highest position it will pull the top blade closer to the other on the hair clippers and result in a shorter cut. The taper lever is also very useful as if heavy cutting has jammed your hair clippers; you can simply push the level back and forth to remove any hair.

Power screw – Not all hair clippers have a power screw, however many professional models will have one. If your hair clipper does have a power screw, then it will already be set to optimum levels before leaving the factory. If you do find that you need to alter the power of your hair clippers, use a screwdriver or a thin coin to turn power screw in a clockwise direction until the arm strikes the coil, making a noise. Then, slowly turn power screw out (counter-clockwise), until noise stops. This is the maximum power setting.

Clipper Blades - Attached to the hair clippers motor is a piston that holds a set of small, sharpened blades, very similar to a comb with a set of teeth. The motor moves rapidly in a horizontal side to side motion when it is powered up and also a very slight vertical movement. This causes the hair clipper blades to move against each other very quickly which will cut the hair, and also ensures that the clipper blades will sharpen themselves.

Graders / attachment combs – All of hair clippers will come supplied with a number of attachment grades, sometimes called guards. These are attached to the hair clippers’ blades and either snap on or slide on. They are designed to vary the length of cut that will result from the clipper. The Attachment graders come in numbers, usually from 1 – 12, with a 1 being the shortest, approximately allowing a 3mm cut, and a grade 12 being the longest. This function is beneficial when cutting a "fade". Fade haircuts show a gradual taper of hair length on the sides of the head from an unlimited hair length at the top to almost bare skin on the sides.

Clipper Motors – Many hair clippers have different types of motor, which emit various amounts of power depending on the job that they are intended for. Many home use clippers will have magnetic motors which are ideal for occasional use and will provide a good quality cut at a reasonable price. Many professional hair clippers will have a pivot motor which is more powerful and great for frequent use. The most powerful hair clippers will have rotary motors, which are perfect for afro styling and for heavy duty cutting.

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What to look for when buying hair clippers

Friday, 15 March 2013 13:17:20 Europe/London

When buying a pair of hair clippers, there are a number of important things to consider so that you can guarantee you will choose the perfect clipper. With such a large variety of clippers on the market today, it can be confusing trying to choose, so hopefully this guide will be helpful.

The first question you need to consider is what you want to use your hair clippers for. There are a number of uses, with the obvious ones being for occasional use at home or everyday use in a salon, however there is a spectrum within this including occasional salon use and regular home use. For instance, in a salon environment, it will always be better to choose a professional clipper such as the Wahl Super Taper or Wahl Chromstyle cordless clipper, as these will guarantee professional results with every cut.

For home use, there are many home use clippers which will give great results. Many of our Wahl Home Use Clippers such as the HomePro 300 offer high quality for a lower price than a professional pair of hair clippers. Although the motors are not as strong in retail clippers, they are ideal at home as they do not have to stand up to the rigours of being used day in and day out to cut hair. The Wahl HomePro 100 is a great clipper for an incredible price, and is ideal for those who don’t want to pay out £40 plus for a professional clipper such as the Wahl Academy Clipper.

However, there are many instances in which a professional clipper will be sought for home use, particularly for those with thicker hair, or those who cut their hair every one or two weeks, as professional hair clippers will generally cut better for longer and give desired results.

You may also want to consider the difference between a corded clipper and cordless clipper for hair cutting. A clipper with a power cable will give better results and have a stronger motor as they don’t rely on batteries; however it should be noted that the Wahl Bellissima Clippers and Wahl Chromstyle Clippers are just as powerful as a corded clipper, however, they are both at the more expensive end of the hair clippers range. The disadvantage of a corded clipper however, is that they don’t allow for the freedom of use that a cordless hair clipper will, with cordless clippers being much easier if shaving one’s own head.

Another factor to consider is the accessories that are supplied with the hair clipper that you choose. For example, if you want a professional looking cut at home, a clipper set such as the Wahl Chrome Pro set may be ideal as it is supplied with everything you will need, such as scissors, gown, trimmers, combs and brushes; in fact everything you will ever need! However, if you are just after a high quality clipper and grader attachments for salon use, or just for professional results at home, then a professional clipper, whilst not having the gowns etc, will offer a better alternative.

One of the final, but most obvious things to consider when purchasing hair clippers is the budget that you are working with. On we stock hair clippers ranging from £15 right up to £110, so with such a spectrum of prices, it is important you know what you are willing to spend. You can get brilliant results at home with a cheaper clipper if its only used occasionally, and equally amore expensive professional clipper will give incredible results both in salons and at home.

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Shaved patterned hair

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 14:16:22 Europe/London

Are you brave enough to corrupt your head?! Styles like this are reasonably easy to achieve by simply clipping the hair to a single length all over, and then (carefully) using a shorter setting, or even a specific tool like the Wahl Detailer, to trim in the design - stand out from the crowd!

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